Height of the Season

Hope you are enjoying the summer! Now that we are at the height of the season, make sure you visit our Summer/Beach Theme Portfolio.

If you are a Maryland native or someone who likes “The Land of Pleasant LIving,” we also have regional favorites in our All Things Maryland Portfolio that you might appreciate, too. Many of the suncatchers make for good hostess gifts to take to someone who is throwing a summer picnic or party or for beach-lovers who have invited you to come along, and enjoy the waves! And enjoy the crabs, National Bohemian Beer (Natty Boh to natives) and Utz Potato Chips. Just a few of the delectable delights we Marylanders are known for!

A Return to Craft Shows

First, thanks to all who came out to the Westminster Farm Market and Craft Fair this past weekend! It was good to be out of the studio and visiting with people once again. It gives me an opportunity to share a little about the crafting of what ever product we are selling from MZ Glassworks! And sales were quite good! Today I thought I’d share a few pictures.

Just after the pandemic rules were relaxed, I attended a living history presentation hosted by the Harford Artist Association, over in Harford County, MD about New Mexico Georgia O’keefe. She is best known for her paintings of poppies. Well that evening turned into a request for a commissioned piece! The client came to the Westminster Farm Market to pick up the commissioned piece. Here it is, our latest commissioned piece and she was well pleased!

Here are a few more pictures of the MZ Glassworks booth at Westminster!

The Artist Behind the Work – Margy Ziegler!
Fused Glass!


Patriotic for the 4th
Our new collection of Birth Month Flowers

Panels and selections from our Hounds and Horses Portfolio

Lanterns and More

Perennial Favorites

For other herb panels, visit our Herb Portfolio

Did you get your garden planted? The Maryland ‘maters (aka tomatoes in other parts of the country) will be lovin’ this hot spell we are in. Don’t forget to keep them well watered, so when time of harvest comes you’ll have a full bounty!

This time of year our herb-themed panels are very popular. MZ Glassworks likes them because a special touch from the artist of hand painting is required when they are made! It;s fun for Margy to get out her paintbrush and she often says how she’d love to have more time in a day so she could paint.

We currently have in our portfolio sage, tyme and lavender. However, if you have a herb you are especially fond of, contact MZ Glassworks and Marge can make a custom panel for you!!

Check out our herb portfolio.

Stay cool!

Light the Way

Check out our What’s Hot Now Portfolio! Everyone is getting ready for the summer season. Scrubbing down the picnic table and the cooler, getting the lawn furniture out and if you’ve got a swimming pool, guaranteed you are gearing up to put it to good use in the coming months.

Our stained glass lanterns are in demand. They are most attractive and functional for any outdoor space whether you have a terrace, a screened-in porch or a deck or want to use it to light the way to the garden. There is something calming about lighting a lantern up at night and sitting beside it in the dark. This year you’ll be hearing the cicadas sing!

It is also baseball season! Here are some gift items to take to the host of cook-out parties as a thank you.

All Marylanders love crabs and Natty Boh too!


Flight of the Hummingbird

According to this hummingbird migration map, we are getting closer to when the tiny birds will be arriving in the State of Maryland. The may be in southern Virginia by now.

If you reside in the northern climates it will take them longer to arrive at your windows. But we at MZ Glassworks can have a hummingbird, one of best selling light catchers, at your door quite quickly. A hummingbird’s popularity can be attributed to what they represent joy, prosperity, good luck and freedom. Something that’s been lacking in this time of social distancing.

Once the pandemic is well-under control, I think we will all be like the hummingbird flitting from here to there feeling rather neighborly! Take your friends and neighbors a stained glass light catcher from MZ Glassworks when you go to see them as a symbol of the joy you and they are feeling at spending time with them again.

Casting New Light

Stand out. Shine. Be colorful. The world needs your prismatic soul!” ~Amy Leigh Mercree

I don’t know about you, but when I think of most stained glass installations, I think of Gothic churches where the windows served to tell Biblical stories or in buildings in the Medieval or Renaissance period where stained glass is used decoratively but also as a way of letting in the light.

When I came across this picture, I wanted to share it because although the room is abounding in light, the stained glass still beautifully enhances the space. This is a renovated apartment in a 1914 Belle Époque building in Antwerp, Belgium.

Isn’t it fabulous?

Newly Commissioned Work

We at MZ Glassworks really enjoy doing commissioned, custom designs. Margy gets to use her graphic design skills and her skill at “syphering” how the pieces will come together in the overall design. Sometimes custom designs are like puzzles getting the sizing and the juxtaposition of the pieces and shapes just right. “That’s fun stuff!” says Marge!

The client who ordered our latest commissioned pieces wanted to give them to her two daughters for unique birthday presents.

So happy with the result, Margy is designing birthday flowers for the every month of the calendar year. Let us know if you wish to special order a piece for someone you love or for your own birthday month!

Daffodils are the flower of the month for March birthdays

Lily of the valley for the month of May.

A Lucky Token

It’s March 6th, and you know what that means! St. Patricks Day is just around the corner. The weather may not quite be conducive to searching fields of clover to find that 4 leafed Emerald gem which is said to be special.

But we at MZ Glassworks have Shamrocks in our inventory, if you are looking for a lucky token to give to your favorite lad or lassie. Act quick though, shamrocks go fast and so does time! So contact us through this website if you’d like us to send you one for gift-giving!

The Call of Spring

If you are a bird watcher, I bet one of the things you look forward to with spring just around the corner is getting outside more and hearing the birdsong. The mockingbirds, robins, sparrows, catbirds, orioles, cardinals all have their unique calls.

We’ve posted just a few pictures our or favorite birds. But we have many more varieties in our nest. Follow this link to see our full bird portfolio. Perhaps you’ll find your favorite tweeter! What a  nice gift to include in Easter baskets for your favorite birdwatcher.

We are counting down until spring. We bet you are too!



Finding the Bright Spot

Happy New Year!  We at MZ Glassworks are thrilled to usher in a New Year. Although last year was tough, the take-away is we all became more resilient and flexible and perhaps many of us learned what’s really important.

If you can say “Yes!” to any of those statements, congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a wise old owl. For this reason, today our featured products are our stained glass and fused glass owls.

These owls are a good gift to anyone who came through 2020  no worse for the wear.

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