Seasonal Selling: Halloween & Autumn Themes

This coming Saturday, October 3rd, MZ Glassworks will be at the Carroll County Agricultural Center in Westminster, MD selling a wide variety of autumn themed products. Don’t wait till too late in the day – the farmers market is open from 8am to 1pm.

There will be light catchers, stained glass chimes, lanterns and our latest dabble into making use of embroidery hoops as a frame for stained glass light catchers. We like how they turned out.

Kids especially like our fall booth at the Carroll County Agricultural Center. What little girl or boy doesn’t like to have a witch, a ghost, a bat, a haunted house or skeleton hanging in their bedroom window on the nights leading up to trick or treat?

Need something custom made? Saturday will be a great time to speak with Marge about what you need. Her graphic design skills come in handy when it comes to something unique.

Here are just a few new products we will be featuring – but we will have many more! And of course for the early buyer we will have some Xmas decorations and stained glass for those with a love of all things Maryland.

Fall Favorites

Here at MZ Glassworks we love fall and decorating for the season.

So far, there’s only the stray leaf on the sidewalk that has turned from summer green to having a tinge of yellow, red or rust. Or something inbetween.

But inside MZ Glassworks we’ve got a great assortment of leaf lightcatchers, glass chimes and other seasonal favorites.

Be wise, avoid stepping inside a brick and mortar shop. We will ship them right to you, no risk involved.


Orioles’s Adoration

We’ve been hearing a lot of loyal O’s fans lamenting about missing watching baseball games. And you know how Baltimoreans love their Orioles!

Perhaps a new movement should be started in honor of the O’s. Hang a Oriole sun catcher in the window of your home in positive support of the hometown team to spread positive energy that next summer will be different. The Orioles will be on the field and the stadium will be filled with fans. If you wish to participate by ordering a bird sun catcher let us know on the contact form and we will be in touch and gladly ship your order! Tell your friends and neighbors! They, too, can be part of Team O from MZ Glassworks!

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Gratefully Speaking

Today, I’d like to simply say thank you for those who came out to the Carroll County Ag Center last Saturday and stopped by to say Hi and buy! Even if you did not make a purchase, we appreciated your interest in what we produce at MZ Glassworks. It was good to get out of the studio and chat with old and new customers and see other vendors who also work hard at what they sell.

It’s more important now than ever to buy local and from small businesses and as it’s been said, “when you support small business you are supporting a dream.”  Thank you from MZ Glassworks!

Seizing Opportunity for Learning

Photo Above: Bonnie Fitzgerald – Mosaic artist/teacher/author

There’s been a surge of on-line learning for all kinds of art. The power of video brings opportunity for curious people to experiment with different mediums of art. That’s a really good thing especially for learning some basics! Having a hobby that involves creativity contributes greatly to a fulfilling life.But, when it comes to beyond the basics you can’t beat studying in person with a master at a craft.

Back in March I signed up for an class called Louis J Tiffany Inspired Mosaics with Bonnie Fitzgerald. We don’t often associate mosaic work with Tiffany but in 1870 his studio began making mosaic pieces. This class with Bonnie Fitzgerald is a high in demand class because she is so accomplished and the author of several books. I was so thrilled when I had secured my place. However with recent restrictions, it has been postponed from March to April from April to May….well, you get the picture! Finally in August, it looks like it will happen.I am so excited to be going to Anything in Stained Glass in Frederick, Maryland – the source of much of my glass supplies.

Between now and then I need to hunt down a favorite a Tiffany design to use in my own contemporary reproduction of a mosaic creation. That in itself could prove to be difficult! There are so many outstanding choices.

Photo: Maverick Mosaics/Bonnie Fitzgerald – glass artist

This Little Light of Mine

I don’t know about you but I am counting the days until it is warm enough in the evening to sit outside. We have been spending a massive about of time indoors between the pandemic orders and the cloudy, cool weather.

While in the studio I have been crafting unique fused glass and stained glass windows for lanterns designed for indoor or outdoor livin’. Put them on your patio, along your garden path, or anywhere your little heart desires!

Here are pictures of a few styles but more are on our product page. Contact us and we will be happy to light up your life by sending your preferred lantern for your deck or indoor table!

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, this little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine!”


Yes, Ma’am, It’s a Hummer

Springtime is here. You know what that means? Soon little visitors will be appearing in yards and on porches looking for nectar they so desire. One of our best sellers is the hummingbird. In these times everyone is looking for well wishes like this little fella brigs.

MZ Glassworks

So, take a guess. What do you think is the most popular theme for stained glass?

It’s the hummingbird!

Why is that you might ask? Perhaps because hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy.

We have hummingbirds in store! They make good gifts for others. Those who you want to bring well-wishes to!

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Illuminosity Unique to Tiffany

Thanks for returning to part 2 of this blog series about the exhibit of Tiffany stained glass windows called Eternal Light. Here is more of what I learned as I listened to the audio guided tour through the Driehaus Museum:

As Artistic Director of his studio, Louis Comfort Tiffany oversaw the design process and nothing went to the final stage without his approval. What gave his windows special luminosity was he layered four pieces of cut glass. The glass itself was manufactured “in house.”

The tremendous windows which, at that time, were being installed in many, many churches and cathedrals were the mainstay of his business.

The following are images taken of the Ecclessiastical Windows which were part of the exhibit I was so delighted to see up close!

Do return next week and I’ll tell you about Tiffany’s “sideline” products which ended up in many homes.

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Chicago Art Scene

Hello! I’m feeling fortunate to have made it to Chicago to see my daughter and the Driehaus Museum’s exhibition of Eternal Light – The Ecclesiastical Stained Glass Windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

The museum itself was a work of art- an old home saved by the historical society. The woodwork and tile work were spectacular. The colorful Tiffany windows were more stunning than any photo could ever show. Each with a fascinating story behind them.

Most informative was the information about the women who worked behind the scenes for Mr. Tiffany. They selected the glass and cut it. Nearly the entire department was run by females including Head Designer, Agnes Northrup whose work can be seen in the floral pieces of the exhibit.

There is so much more to show and tell about my art journey to Chicago, therefore, this will be a three part blog series. Next week I’ll share images of the more religious- in -nature windows of Mr. Tiffany as well as facts about him as an artistic director of his studios. 

Thanks for looking in on us today!

Raise Them Up

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

The occurrences cited in the bible which happened in ancient times during the Advent and Easter Season are hard for adults to grasp, never mind trying to explain the mysterious to little children. So sometimes we must think outside the box to bring stories alive to children through different mediums.

Every so often I work with youth in our church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, to do art projects which reflect the season.  I enjoy kids and seeing their creativity put to good use. But I also offer my experience because art can be a very useful tool in augmenting a Christian curriculum.

Today I have hunted down a few projects with stained glass effects which kindergarten children can do with adult supervision. The basics of the project can be found on this website.

Come on back next week! As with most artists even as an adult, my art education continues. Next week I’ll let you in on an April workshop I am attending which will focus on creating with slightly different form of glass. I’ve been planning on this workshop for quite sometime and it is drawing closer. Looking forward to being with you next time.