The Uncommon Gift

The artist behind MZ Glassworks! Margy Ziegler is in the Netherlands in this photo.

At MZ Glassworks, we highly value custom requests for stained glass work.

#1- It gives Margy Ziegler a chance to use her years of experience in graphic design.

#2 – It means our clients really are paying attention to what they really like and need for the space in which the art will be displayed which Margy has created.

#3 – It is satisfying to work one on one with our client to bring their vision into fruition!

One of our portfolios shows several custom pieces we have made for homeowners who had a specific need and specific requests for size/themes and colors worked into the design!

If you haven’t already done so, check our new portfolio menu of all the different products we’ve made and sold.

Consider what it might feel like to give an uncommon gift not found in retail stores. When giving a custom made wedding or anniversary gift, a present for a new baby’s room or housewarming, you know the artist’s heart and soul are in it!

Seasonal Selling: Halloween & Autumn Themes

This coming Saturday, October 3rd, MZ Glassworks will be at the Carroll County Agricultural Center in Westminster, MD selling a wide variety of autumn themed products. Don’t wait till too late in the day – the farmers market is open from 8am to 1pm.

There will be light catchers, stained glass chimes, lanterns and our latest dabble into making use of embroidery hoops as a frame for stained glass light catchers. We like how they turned out.

Kids especially like our fall booth at the Carroll County Agricultural Center. What little girl or boy doesn’t like to have a witch, a ghost, a bat, a haunted house or skeleton hanging in their bedroom window on the nights leading up to trick or treat?

Need something custom made? Saturday will be a great time to speak with Marge about what you need. Her graphic design skills come in handy when it comes to something unique.

Here are just a few new products we will be featuring – but we will have many more! And of course for the early buyer we will have some Xmas decorations and stained glass for those with a love of all things Maryland.

Halloween in the Air

Yep, the season has begun. Halloween costumes and candy are in the stores. This year, trick-or-treat may feel a little different since many parents are understandably hesitant about where they take their children in this virus season.

We are thankful at MZ Glassworks there are no restrictions on Halloween decorating! One of our newer products, our lanterns, may be the perfect addition to your cache of seasonal decorating because as it’s been said “Give light and people will find the way.” 

So, our advice to you is Be wise, be prepared! Have wrapped candy on hand just incase someone swings by. You don’t want any little ones being turned away empty handed and crying their eyes out saying “Boo-Hoo.”



Fall Favorites

Here at MZ Glassworks we love fall and decorating for the season.

So far, there’s only the stray leaf on the sidewalk that has turned from summer green to having a tinge of yellow, red or rust. Or something inbetween.

But inside MZ Glassworks we’ve got a great assortment of leaf lightcatchers, glass chimes and other seasonal favorites.

Be wise, avoid stepping inside a brick and mortar shop. We will ship them right to you, no risk involved.


Early Bird Selection


Are you one of those shoppers who has all their gifts purchased, wrapped and stashed by Labor Day? If so your deadline is growing closer. In light of things that transpired in 2020, on-line shopping will be ever more popular.

We at MZ Glassworks just wanted to put a little bug in your ear. If you haven’t visited our portfolio of products, please do so because it’s grown throughout the year! We have all kinds of holiday ornaments for every season, as well as horses and hounds, light catchers for birders, home and garden decor items with stained glass, designs of regional interest, and we are always faithful to those who wish to hang a religious icon, such as crosses, angels, biblical figures. We even have lanterns to light up someones life.

Happy Shopping, and we applaud all early bird shoppers. As you have heard before “A Christmas shopper’s complaint is one of long-standing.”  Shopping early means you are being thoughtful to your postal and delivery service workers who are often overloaded during the holidays.


Stained Glass Awareness Month

Welcome, August! It’s a big month for our family because we have a lot of Leo birthdays. In celebration of this month, we at MZ Glassworks are declaring it Stained Glass Awareness Month.

Here is the challenge: In your town or at one of your local churches, see how many stained glass windows you can find!  Play “I Spy!” to get the kids in on the action, too. The beauty of this challenge is stained glass can be seen from both inside and outside so during these pandemic times, you don’t even have to step inside any buildings, although it would be nice if you could.

Please send us a comment and let us know where you saw the stained glass and how many windows you found. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a picture or two, we will post it on our website if you give us permission to. And if you have anything made with stained glass in your home, special kudos to you! Let us know what it is! Stained glass sun catchers count too!



Honoring Uniqueness

“Create your own style..let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Anna Wintour

Some months ago MZ Glassworks was approached by a woman who said she wanted to have a custom transom made. Margy gave the potential client her business card. True to her word, the lady followed up with a phone call. Marge went to the woman’s place of residence and took measurements and they discussed the colors, look and feel of the stained glass transom window the lady desired. Her place of residence was not of cookie cutter design so it was clear why she desired a handcrafted, one of a kind design.

Today we’d simply like to share a photo of the latest custom designed transom window which was made in MZ Glassworks studio.



Orioles’s Adoration

We’ve been hearing a lot of loyal O’s fans lamenting about missing watching baseball games. And you know how Baltimoreans love their Orioles!

Perhaps a new movement should be started in honor of the O’s. Hang a Oriole sun catcher in the window of your home in positive support of the hometown team to spread positive energy that next summer will be different. The Orioles will be on the field and the stadium will be filled with fans. If you wish to participate by ordering a bird sun catcher let us know on the contact form and we will be in touch and gladly ship your order! Tell your friends and neighbors! They, too, can be part of Team O from MZ Glassworks!

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Gratefully Speaking

Today, I’d like to simply say thank you for those who came out to the Carroll County Ag Center last Saturday and stopped by to say Hi and buy! Even if you did not make a purchase, we appreciated your interest in what we produce at MZ Glassworks. It was good to get out of the studio and chat with old and new customers and see other vendors who also work hard at what they sell.

It’s more important now than ever to buy local and from small businesses and as it’s been said, “when you support small business you are supporting a dream.”  Thank you from MZ Glassworks!

Featuring a New Design

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

For quite sometime I’ve had it in my mind that I wanted to design a triptych. It’s taken awhile to take my vision and turn it into three panels which are as nice hanging individually as they are all three together. Well, here it is!

I’m pleased with the result and look forward to featuring it in my collection of stained glass light catchers, panels, transoms, wind chimes, lanterns and lampshades which I will have with me this Saturday at the Carroll County Ag Center in Westminster, Maryland. The venue is partially open air and all attending must abide by state regulations regarding social distancing.

Stop by and say hello.  We have quite a few new products and designs since last year!! And if the market is like anything in previous summers, there are wonderful wares – produce right from the farm, baked goods and many craft vendors. Hop in the car and come on out!