Perennial Favorites

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Did you get your garden planted? The Maryland ‘maters (aka tomatoes in other parts of the country) will be lovin’ this hot spell we are in. Don’t forget to keep them well watered, so when time of harvest comes you’ll have a full bounty!

This time of year our herb-themed panels are very popular. MZ Glassworks likes them because a special touch from the artist of hand painting is required when they are made! It;s fun for Margy to get out her paintbrush and she often says how she’d love to have more time in a day so she could paint.

We currently have in our portfolio sage, tyme and lavender. However, if you have a herb you are especially fond of, contact MZ Glassworks and Marge can make a custom panel for you!!

Check out our herb portfolio.

Stay cool!

Light the Way

Check out our What’s Hot Now Portfolio! Everyone is getting ready for the summer season. Scrubbing down the picnic table and the cooler, getting the lawn furniture out and if you’ve got a swimming pool, guaranteed you are gearing up to put it to good use in the coming months.

Our stained glass lanterns are in demand. They are most attractive and functional for any outdoor space whether you have a terrace, a screened-in porch or a deck or want to use it to light the way to the garden. There is something calming about lighting a lantern up at night and sitting beside it in the dark. This year you’ll be hearing the cicadas sing!

It is also baseball season! Here are some gift items to take to the host of cook-out parties as a thank you.

All Marylanders love crabs and Natty Boh too!


There is Always a First

Like with many artists, it’s a happy day when we receive pictures from our clients showing where a piece of our artwork has been hung.

Well, this week there has been a real first. Do you remember in our last post it was mentioned a friend recently purchased a parakeet and named it Celeste? Well, it seems Celeste is no ordinary bird! She’s an English budgie and she has high faluting tastes. She demanded to have an interior decorator for her cage. Now, not only does she have parlor fern in her cage, but she has a fused glass piece from MZ Glassworks decorating her walls. Furthermore, Celeste rejected the plastic food containers that came with the cage. Yep, you guessed it. She dines off a handpainted porcelain plate!

Next thing you know, Celeste will be tweeting about being a trendsetter for birdcage decorations from MZ Glassworks!

It’s All About Birds

Now that it is spring, isn’t it lovely to hear the tweets and cheeps of the birds? A friend just purchased a parakeet to bring some of the cheerfulness into her home. Isn’t Celeste pretty?

One of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s most famous stained glass windows incorporated beautiful birds.

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We at MZ Glassworks have made many avian designs and have a whole portfolio dedicated to birds.

But one of our favorites is this gathering of tweeters! Check out all of our bird designs by going to our bird portfolio.

Flight of the Hummingbird

According to this hummingbird migration map, we are getting closer to when the tiny birds will be arriving in the State of Maryland. The may be in southern Virginia by now.

If you reside in the northern climates it will take them longer to arrive at your windows. But we at MZ Glassworks can have a hummingbird, one of best selling light catchers, at your door quite quickly. A hummingbird’s popularity can be attributed to what they represent joy, prosperity, good luck and freedom. Something that’s been lacking in this time of social distancing.

Once the pandemic is well-under control, I think we will all be like the hummingbird flitting from here to there feeling rather neighborly! Take your friends and neighbors a stained glass light catcher from MZ Glassworks when you go to see them as a symbol of the joy you and they are feeling at spending time with them again.

Casting New Light

Stand out. Shine. Be colorful. The world needs your prismatic soul!” ~Amy Leigh Mercree

I don’t know about you, but when I think of most stained glass installations, I think of Gothic churches where the windows served to tell Biblical stories or in buildings in the Medieval or Renaissance period where stained glass is used decoratively but also as a way of letting in the light.

When I came across this picture, I wanted to share it because although the room is abounding in light, the stained glass still beautifully enhances the space. This is a renovated apartment in a 1914 Belle Époque building in Antwerp, Belgium.

Isn’t it fabulous?

Sensational Experience

“What makes things memorable is they are meaningful, significant and colorful.” ~ Joshua Foer

When spring comes around and the flowers become show-offs, I am reminded of a whole country full of show-offs this time of year. They all happen to be rooted and planted in Holland! The gardeners use their artistry to show the colors of the tulips off at their best, a wide spectrum! Just like I incorporate color into my variety of glassworks.

I like to revisit the pictures from my trip to Holland this time every year and dream of someday returning, Is there any time of year in the Netherlands that could be better? I don’t think so.

This shot from an airplane has been generously shared by many people with no copyright infringement intended. The purpose of sharing is so those who haven’t seen the country firsthand can have a chance to see the beauty in Amsterdam’s fields at this time of the year. The images helps us to understand the scope of the how many bulbs are planted and blooming all at once. Makes you want to go there, doesn’t it? Call your local travel agency, they can hook you up with tickets, travel regulations permitting. The season is short, however!

It’s raining here today in Maryland, so, its a good day to share some color.

Margy Ziegler in Holland a few years ago.

Happy Springtime and remember spring showers, bring May flowers. We are entering into the brightest months with bouquets of color in the landscape springing up everywhere!

Steeplechase Season in Maryland

Yep! It’s Steeplechase Season in Maryland. That means the fox and hounds will be on the run across the beautiful rolling hills of Maryland. Coming up are the events in the northern counties such as in My Lady’s Manor in Monkton, Hunt Valley, the Maryland Hunt Cup, Howard County Cup Races, Potomac Hunt Races, and the Grand National in Butler, Maryland.

We at MZ Glassworks have an assortment of stained glass light catchers which would be great little tokens of remembrance for hosts of the parties that are usually given in association with these events. Or perhaps you’d enjoy giving a decorative fused glass pineapple to thank someone for their hospitality. Show your appreciation for inviting you to these fun and traditional events that the “horse set” in Maryland look forward to each year.

Head on over to our Whats Hot Now Portfolio or our Horses and Hounds Portfolio where you will find these seasonally appropriate gift items.

Happy Hunting!!

Easter with Anglicans in Austin

Since we are only days away from Easter, we thought we’d share this beautiful stained glass window from an Anglican church in Austin, Texas. Magnificent stained glass windows exist in churches and other buildings all over the country. Maybe a few more churches will be open this Easter Sunday than last so the dawns early light of Easter Sunrise Services can be seen through the colorful glass windows in chapels, cathedrals, churches and other types of sanctuaries.

It’s fun to see stained glass made during different periods of history and in different parts of the country. There is probably not an stained glass artist who hasn’t been inspired by another artists work – its a great source of inspiration. Many artists feel a surge in creativity with spring.

We hope this Easter Sunday you will feel renewed and restored. “Rejoice and be glad.” ~ Matthew 5: 12 Installation in St. Francis Anglican Church, Austin, TX

How is it Made?

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ~ William Butler Yeats

Seeing how art is made is always fascinating. Seeing how stained glass windows are made is one of the more interesting mediums of art to see in the process. There are many steps and today we’d like to share this short four minute video with you because art education is important to keeping art alive from generation to generation.

Stained glass is a labor intensive art, but one we find so very satisfying. It feels good to do our small part to keeping alive an art which goes back to the days of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Enjoy this video on How Stained Glass is Made!