Steeplechase Season in Maryland

Yep! It’s Steeplechase Season in Maryland. That means the fox and hounds will be on the run across the beautiful rolling hills of Maryland. Coming up are the events in the northern counties such as in My Lady’s Manor in Monkton, Hunt Valley, the Maryland Hunt Cup, Howard County Cup Races, Potomac Hunt Races, and the Grand National in Butler, Maryland.

We at MZ Glassworks have an assortment of stained glass light catchers which would be great little tokens of remembrance for hosts of the parties that are usually given in association with these events. Or perhaps you’d enjoy giving a decorative fused glass pineapple to thank someone for their hospitality. Show your appreciation for inviting you to these fun and traditional events that the “horse set” in Maryland look forward to each year.

Head on over to our Whats Hot Now Portfolio or our Horses and Hounds Portfolio where you will find these seasonally appropriate gift items.

Happy Hunting!!

Easter with Anglicans in Austin

Since we are only days away from Easter, we thought we’d share this beautiful stained glass window from an Anglican church in Austin, Texas. Magnificent stained glass windows exist in churches and other buildings all over the country. Maybe a few more churches will be open this Easter Sunday than last so the dawns early light of Easter Sunrise Services can be seen through the colorful glass windows in chapels, cathedrals, churches and other types of sanctuaries.

It’s fun to see stained glass made during different periods of history and in different parts of the country. There is probably not an stained glass artist who hasn’t been inspired by another artists work – its a great source of inspiration. Many artists feel a surge in creativity with spring.

We hope this Easter Sunday you will feel renewed and restored. “Rejoice and be glad.” ~ Matthew 5: 12 Installation in St. Francis Anglican Church, Austin, TX

How is it Made?

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ~ William Butler Yeats

Seeing how art is made is always fascinating. Seeing how stained glass windows are made is one of the more interesting mediums of art to see in the process. There are many steps and today we’d like to share this short four minute video with you because art education is important to keeping art alive from generation to generation.

Stained glass is a labor intensive art, but one we find so very satisfying. It feels good to do our small part to keeping alive an art which goes back to the days of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Enjoy this video on How Stained Glass is Made!

Newly Commissioned Work

We at MZ Glassworks really enjoy doing commissioned, custom designs. Margy gets to use her graphic design skills and her skill at “syphering” how the pieces will come together in the overall design. Sometimes custom designs are like puzzles getting the sizing and the juxtaposition of the pieces and shapes just right. “That’s fun stuff!” says Marge!

The client who ordered our latest commissioned pieces wanted to give them to her two daughters for unique birthday presents.

So happy with the result, Margy is designing birthday flowers for the every month of the calendar year. Let us know if you wish to special order a piece for someone you love or for your own birthday month!

Daffodils are the flower of the month for March birthdays

Lily of the valley for the month of May.

A Lucky Token

It’s March 6th, and you know what that means! St. Patricks Day is just around the corner. The weather may not quite be conducive to searching fields of clover to find that 4 leafed Emerald gem which is said to be special.

But we at MZ Glassworks have Shamrocks in our inventory, if you are looking for a lucky token to give to your favorite lad or lassie. Act quick though, shamrocks go fast and so does time! So contact us through this website if you’d like us to send you one for gift-giving!

The Call of Spring

If you are a bird watcher, I bet one of the things you look forward to with spring just around the corner is getting outside more and hearing the birdsong. The mockingbirds, robins, sparrows, catbirds, orioles, cardinals all have their unique calls.

We’ve posted just a few pictures our or favorite birds. But we have many more varieties in our nest. Follow this link to see our full bird portfolio. Perhaps you’ll find your favorite tweeter! What a  nice gift to include in Easter baskets for your favorite birdwatcher.

We are counting down until spring. We bet you are too!



Keeping the Kids Busy

Hang in there! The longest part of the winter is behind us. Have you noticed the days are getting longer?

You know what that means don’t you? More hours of the day to have the light coming in the windows showing off stained glass art.


If you are wits end trying to occupy the little ones, we’ve dug up more faux stained glass projects for kiddos. Here is a link to 16 time occupiers which will introduce your child to stained glass crafting on their level of ability.


Warmth to a Winters Evening

The cold winter winds doth blow! We aren’t through the coldest season of the year yet. Over the past few nights with the blustery winds my woodstove has been cranked up. Perhaps your fireplace has been aglow.

A lantern from MZ Glassorks adds a nice soft element of coziness on these dark winter evenings. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone but especially for your Valentine or a friend with a birthday in the dark cold season!

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Stained Glass News

Lately opportunity to gather in person with people has been limited. For artists that means we can’t get together with our “tribe” who speak the same language. Workshops to help us perfect our craft have been limited for the most part to virtual learning.

Stained Glass News is a circular which can help stained glass enthusiasts stay in tune with the industry. New products for crafting stained glass, valuable resources for artists in the industry and interesting feature articles for enthusiasts are in this publication.

Build community with other artists interested in the craft of stained glass- making by subscribing. Here is some information.

It will be a happy day when artists everywhere can come out of their studios and more freely attend workshops and sell their wares at farmers markets and crafts fairs. We like the personal interaction with our customers. It gives us an opportunity for feedback on what we create for you!

Finding the Bright Spot

Happy New Year!  We at MZ Glassworks are thrilled to usher in a New Year. Although last year was tough, the take-away is we all became more resilient and flexible and perhaps many of us learned what’s really important.

If you can say “Yes!” to any of those statements, congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a wise old owl. For this reason, today our featured products are our stained glass and fused glass owls.

These owls are a good gift to anyone who came through 2020  no worse for the wear.

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