Gone to the Birds

Are you a birdwatcher? Have you been following Orioles baseball?

It’s so much more fun to watch a team when they are doing well. This has not been the Orioles finest season. Better luck next season, fellas.

So, today we are going to follow a different bird named Celeste whom we introduced you to some months ago in a post called There is Always a First.

We’ve gotten an update from her owner, she writes, Went on vacation and left my budgie Celeste with her cousin Francine (a cockatiel). My budgie took some language lessons from her ‘cuz while she was away. I’m hearing higher tones to her cheeps. I think she is trying to take on new airs. Trying to be something she is not…

Celeste requested a parlor palm in her cage to go along with her decorative art from MZ Glassworks.

Yes, our bird designs do get a lot of attention. It’s why we have expanded our collection. But still, the hummingbird is our most popular because they are great gifts to give someone when you wish them joy and happiness!

Check out all our products in our bird-themed portfolio.

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