There is Always a First

Like with many artists, it’s a happy day when we receive pictures from our clients showing where a piece of our artwork has been hung.

Well, this week there has been a real first. Do you remember in our last post it was mentioned a friend recently purchased a parakeet and named it Celeste? Well, it seems Celeste is no ordinary bird! She’s an English budgie and she has high faluting tastes. She demanded to have an interior decorator for her cage. Now, not only does she have parlor fern in her cage, but she has a fused glass piece from MZ Glassworks decorating her walls. Furthermore, Celeste rejected the plastic food containers that came with the cage. Yep, you guessed it. She dines off a handpainted porcelain plate!

Next thing you know, Celeste will be tweeting about being a trendsetter for birdcage decorations from MZ Glassworks!

One thought on “There is Always a First

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