Early Glassworks Memory

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Today I am digging way, way back into the archives of my memory bank remembering one of my first experiences of creating something with glass. I have vivid memories of being in the kitchen standing over my mother’s stove heating my brother Steve’s marbles in a hot fry pan. Next to me was a galvanized metal bucket filled with cold, cold well water.

I’d roll the marbles around in the hot pan until I was certain the marbles were very hot. Then I picked them up with the kitchen tongs and transferred the marbles from the pan into the bucket of water. Putting my ear to the edge of the pail, I listened for the “CRACKING” noises every time. But, since the glass was submerged under water, I couldn’t hear a thing.

Once I was certain the marble had cooled, I’d dip my hand in the pail and fish out the marble. No matter how many fried marbles I made, I was mesmerized by the crackled effect the process made in the glass. But, my brother Steve wasn’t too impressed. His marble collection was being depleted!

Baby boomer, do you remember making fried marble jewelry in the 1950s and 1960s? It was the rage!

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