“How blessed I am as an artisan to work with small fragments of color which when pieced together reflects light in the most wondrous way,” says Margy Ziegler, founder of MZ Glassworks.

Both stained glass and fused glass embellishes and brings beauty to the lives of people in their homes, churches and in historic as well as contemporary buildings. There is a certain romance to stained glass. It’s a medium of art with a long history, over 1,000 years old. Although its popularity has waxed and waned, thankfully, it’s never become a lost art. Stained glass is making a resurgence in this 21st century for the magnificent elegance it brings to spaces. Individuals who enjoy finely crafted art rather than mass-produced, appreciate the artistry MZ Glassworks brings to the marketplace.

At MZ Glassworks, each handcrafted piece whether it is a small “light catcher” which creates a colorful glow in a window or a larger piece such as a transom is given the greatest attention to detail and quality in the craft-making. We also accept commissions on custom-made pieces. Margy Ziegler’s graphic design experience has well-prepared her for creating unique custom designs, too. What can we create for you?

MZ Glassworks takes great pride in scattering light and color everywhere!